Meet our dedicated team of professionals.

Our experienced and talented team

Neale Rudd

Francis Shephard

Founder & CEO

With a passion for technology and measurable outcomes Francis has always gravitated towards contributing to the education, community and business sectors. His technological skills and know-how are broad and continually being improved. With over 25 years experience as software architect and commercial project manager he has a sound understanding of all the principles and systems that are relevant in todays market. He lives in Adelaide and in Cyberspace on research forums.

Neale Rudd

Neale Rudd

Server Management Partner

Having partnered with Neale and his company Metawerx for over 15 years we know first hand his expertise is second to none in his field. He is one of Australia's leading Linux and server management and security & encryption experts. He specialises in Linux, SSL security and is a cloud and application clustering specialist. Neale is also a first grade application and systems programmer. His award winning work is often in demand in the Asia pacific region. Neale lives and works in Melbourne and in Osaka Japan.



Lead Software Engineer

Julian is a successful software engineer, game developer, mathematician, musical prodigy and composer. With over 20 years commercial experience he has worked with our CEO Francis on many of our larger projects. They both have a passion for extracting the best ideas, technologies and design thinking from each other. They often debate their relative positions around technology simply as a process of forcing an idea and its implementation to stand up and be defensible, robust and ultimately the best choice going forwards. Between them there is 50 years application engineering experience. At the end of the day, "the best idea wins".

Ailsa Williams

Ailsa Williams

Lead Designer

Originally from Great Britain she jumped the axis of the world to come and work in Australia as a visual information designer. 15 years ago and she quickly rose to the top design position in the company. Ailsa has an excellent practical ability with design, never forgetting the end user, the client brief or the project timeline. Ailsa is capable of consistent commercially contemporary results time and again. Her greatest skills are design and implementation. She is also able to emulate the processes and works of other designers and design trends. This makes her very versatile.

Our strategic advisors

We believe great mentors and advisors are an essential part of any companies growth. We have advisors who are all successful in their own industries. We embrace their ideas, insight and feedback.

Gulab Sharma

Gulab Sharma

Technology & Labor Management Advisor

Gulab Sharma, professionally has very few peers. His achievements are seldom exceeded by other IT professionals. Gulab is a key contact and advisor for us with regards to the tech industry as a whole. He's also a key contact for Silicon Valley and India. Gulab's prestigious history includes his position as one of the top five directors of the Sun Microsystems company. Gulab owns and manages a 300 person company in India which specialises in outsourced project development and application engineering.

Jason DI Iulio

Jason Di Iulio

Financial Strategy & Business Advisor

Jason DI Iulio is a local Adelaide business trailblazer in the finance, brokerage and property development industries. His keen insight financially and strategically proves invaluable for us, regarding our strategy towards growth and expansion. Jason owns and runs Assist Finance, Finance Mutual as well as other companies and developments.

Professor Joy De Leo

Dr Joy De Leo

Leading Global Values and Education Specialist

Dr De Leo is our primary goto person with regards to our focus and growth and approach to the education sector. She has been able to advise and mentor us on our approach to equity and values in education, through our developments. She gives us global insight into corporate social responsibility and values as a whole. Dr Joy De Leo is also a key contact regarding our work with UNESCO and other international organisations.

Badger and Sadie

Badger and Sadie

Life Balance Advisors

The company dogs, Badger and Sadie play an important role with our staff. They help our people keep the work life balance in check. Their innate understanding of when it is time to stand up from the desk, after a couple of hours, to move around physically for health and spiritual well being and to engage in connection, with each other, beyond the work mindset. We are big believers that "play" and "exercise" make for a good team who can sustain their efforts without typical burnt out, which is widely experienced in the Internet & software development industries.

Strategic Member Groups

Yooyah Interactive also has relationships to other key groups and businesses who provide expertise and labor, in an on demand basis. Areas of specialisation include:

HTML5 Development

HTML5 Team

Cutting edge HTML5 developments - on demand

HTML5 is the latest and most powerful face of the internet to date. Its the basis of all great contemporary work. It is also a fast paced highly competitive field which is in constant flux. Yooyah Interactive staff are already html5 developers in their own right, but we also have partnerships with other freelance and contracted staff in this space. We call this our HTML5 group. HTML5 is the critical front end for your website, for your web applications and for your Apps.

Java and Tomcat

Java & Tomcat Group

The worlds most popular programming container

People often mistake the word "java" to mean the checkered "java applet" plugin that has had a bad run of late, in terms of its issues with browsers and security. However in the industry Java means, Java on the server. This is a totally different thing. Java on the server is the worlds most popular programming language and environment. Its got a serious track record for delivering highly secure scale-able platforms as it is a true language in every regard. Java also happens to power the vehicles on Mars. Its more efficient with server resources if used properly and can allow your server hardware to achieve very efficient and cost effective levels of performance.


World Wide Web Consortium

WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility & Standards

We are close followers of the work of the The world wide web consortium. This is the organisation, which includes the famed creator of the World Wide Web - Tim Berners Lee. We have continually been involved with the WC3 regarding the development and roll out of web standards. This has been a 20+ year journey of evolution. We are in no better time for web standards as all major browsers are now standards compliant. We have a special involvement with those who work on the Accessibility standards and those that champion these important standards. We are also, in our own right, experts in accessibility, specifically the WCAG 2.0 AA standard - with specific regard to it being implemented within responsive websites.

Amazon and Xamarin

Amazon & Xamarin

Cloud based large scale services & app development environments

Yooyah interactive has been commercially involved with Amazon Web Services since their conception. We have found Amazon to be a bulletproof partner for large scale cloud services for file and application delivery. We use Amazon as our "Major" low cost cloud service regarding S3 buckets, Ec2 and Beanstalk (elastic web server). We also have involvement with App development API environment provider Xamarin. Their development platform is also used by Microsoft for apps and other major app engineering companies.

Get to know our team with some fun facts!

A passion for the web

Our CEO built his first simple html page using the very first release of netscape in late December 1994. This is the very early pioneering days of the internet.

Billions of Requests

Our software has handled billions of external and internal requests successfully in its lifetime. Our software has created over two million web pages pretty much on its own.


Our lead engineer built a globally successful game in the early 1990's where people would send him cheques in the post to pay for a copy of the games license.

Our Server Engineer Speaks Multiple Distinct Languages

Our server administrator speaks English, Japanese, Java, Gnome, Terminal languages, MySQL, SQL, Javascript :)

Our lead designer worked for the North Wales Film Commission

Having come from North Wales our lead designer landed a design position with the North Wales Film Commission and completed projects for the BBC.

Our office has two dogs - mainly as advisors for when it is time to walk

Often seen running around or snoozing on beds near our workstations our office has two regular dogs who frequent the workplace. They are great advisors on when it is time to leave the chair and do some walking.

Some of our skills

Concepting & Planning 95%
Interaction Design 97%
Creative Development 96%
UX Testing 95%
Systems Design 100%
Engineering 100%
Interaction Design 97%
Economic Efficiency 100%
Strategic Thinking and Support 99%
Security 100%
Reliability in Delivery 99%
Customer Support 100%

Our Mission & Philosophy

To create results for our customers that really deliver and allow them to grow their businesses.

It's without doubt the most commonly overlooked principle for the website. Many think the website is here to make us look good, support our brand, keep us in line with our competition. We beg to differ. Your website, web project or App should be here to deliver beyond ordinary, into extraordinary. For a small business this can mean your new website picks you up many more customers and adds value to your bottom line in increased sales, or gets you access to markets you could not otherwise reach.

For a community organisation it can mean increasing your membership base over time. Helping you bring your message to your audience in a way that drives action and participation.

Everytime you think about improving or upgrading your website, you should be thinking goals, audience, engagement, storytelling, customer growth, customer action, increased sales. Have high goals and standards and strive with the right partner towards achieving your goals.

Why Choose us?

We are one of the oldest and most experienced website and web coding business in Adelaide. We have the most experience and have incredible diversity. We've been here for the entire journey of the web for government, organisations, businesses and schools.

We are innovators, inventors and engineers. Most web shops are busy installing software and templates as a daily process. We are the creators and inventors of our underlying software. We've made an entire system which is powerful and efficient and innovative. Its a proven system with a 16 year track record of performance. Our system is continually being improved and kept at the cutting edge. It receives consistent investment and it is always evolving and keeping up with the changing world.

We are realists and we have an attitude of continual improvement, for your project, for our skills and our software systems and approach. We are passionately involved in this industry, because we genuinely love it. 23 years has shown us a plethora of experiences and we've learned a lot on this journey.

Measurable results and a determination to achieve goals is a culture we live. It is not enough to be paid to build your project and then leave you with it. We want to help you succeed, through thick and thin. We want your project to be a shining example for others to be inspired by. We have a loyalty and passion for our customers businesse's which is equal to that for our own.