Parafield Gardens High School

Internationally Accredited School based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Client Story

Showing a schools greatest assets - its students achievements

  • YooYAH - Parafield Gardens High School
  • YooYAH - Parafield Gardens High School
  • YooYAH - Parafield Gardens High School
  • YooYAH - Parafield Gardens High School

The Project

Having worked with PGHS for several years we understood their excellent culture of inclusiveness, equity and aspiration.

The new responsive website gives them a high level of professionalism whilst maintaining accessible visual content of their students through the various faculties on site.

Optimised for all devices this responsive approach ensures excellent Search Engine Optimisation so that they are easily found when people google them.

In-House Updating

Parafield Gardens High School is a busy school with a wide range of new activities always coming on stream. It was essential that they could perform easy in-house updating. PGHS staff leverage our "CoreWebEngine tm CMS" with its "real time writing and image editing".

Open website

  • Date: 2006 - Current
  • Services: Responsive Design, SEO, UX Design, Accessibility
  • Client: Parafield Gardens High School
  • Keywords: Responsive, mobile optimised, easy to access deep navigation, in-house updating

" The team at Yooyah Interactive provide excellence in their service and their technology. We've been surprised with how responsive they are to our needs. We enjoy the relationship because they have a genuine investment in our online presence. "

Nick Zissopoulos - Assistant Principal

Desktop for Parents

Your school's website will be primarily visited by parents and possible future parents. The truth regarding parents online is that they are looking on all devices. Your desktop design must be superb and your school deserves the best. Our 24 year track record of working with schools and the education sector has always been about presenting your school in the best possible way.

Tablet for Parents

Optimisation for Retina Displays and all manner of Tablets is an essential part of your schools website delivery. The CoreWebEngine CMS tm is continually kept at the cutting edge giving your schools website the latest capabilities and technological relevance.

Mobile for Parents

Parents are often busy juggling family and professional life, on a time and financial budget. We all know how hectic family life can be so it's vital your website is fast and perfected in the mobile space. All our work is tuned to perfection for mobile, single thumb navigable and fast on the slower mobile data networks.

all included features

Responsive Design

Optimal viewing and interaction experience on every device. Intelligent responsive design is key for web delivery. We are specialists in WCAG2.0 aa "Accessibility compliant Responsive Design".

CMS Customisation

Using YooYah's acclaimed CoreWebEngine TM. Delivering performance, security, backups, SEO, real time editing, mini-cloud & major cloud integrated.

Dedicated Support

All clients receive dedicated support in terms of their websites online performance. Backups, Monitoring. Strategic knowledge sharing and easy job management.

Blog integration

Communicating your brand, ideas and opinions is key. Use a blog to give your content strategy that extra level of life and relevance.


We have delivered millions of e-newsletters for customers. We've learned a lot. We know you can tell your story in a more engaging way. "Magazine Engine" is the way to go.

Data Integrity

Achieved through multiple redundancy layers, all managed automatically and performance monitored. Mirrors and backups give you peace of mind.

Interactive Design

Why deliver a static web content experience when you can deliver a more intuitive, enjoyable, interactive experience. Keep a balance, delight your audience every time.

Browser Compatible

All of our work, the html5 output of of CMS is fully standards compliant where required. All common browsers are fully supported, tested and embraced.

Social Media Integration

All the latest social integration tools, metrics, widgets, enable the web presence to shine in the social media world. We strongly believe in embracing social media.

Evolution Over Time

The most successful websites continually evolve over time. Continual improvement, minor polishes and tweaks and a steady stream of fresh content is essential.


We are in the era of the developed web standard. All our work is utilising the latest techniques to ensure your website is a cutting edge experience in terms of performance and interactivity.

Strategic Thinking

Having clear goals is essential for the success of your website strategy. We place considerable emphasis on strategic discussion with our clients to ensure they have fully considered their strategic options.