Artist (painter) working in the studio and on the street.
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Client Story

James Cochran (aka Jimmy. C) is an Australian artist best known for his urban narrative paintings and for his drip painting style.

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The Project

James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, played a key role in the development of the underground graffiti movement in Australia during the early 1990's. Since then his two interests in graffiti and oil painting have converged, leading to the development of Cochran's signature aerosol pointillist style; portraits or urban landscapes painted entirely from dots and dashes of spray paint.

James has used our CMS from its very inception to grow his website presence online. Convenience, SEO success and speed to publish are key for the artist who is prolific in his work.

In some cases its important that the website design gets out of the way, is essentially invisible letting the content speak for itself.

  • Date: 1999 - Current
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  • Client: James Cochran aka Jimmy.C
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"My website tells my story as an artist and works as a promotional tool."

James Cochran

Short Visual Documentary

Discover the creative process and technique of iconic artist Jimmy C. Published on Jan 23, 2015.
Access on Vimeo

Capturing History

Present in London at the time of the riots in 2011, James captured this moment in history through his art. Important social artifice by being there on the ground.

Dignity for his subject matter

James consistently brings dignity to his subjects, no matter their circumstances or walk of life. This positive view, of finding light, where others might see shadow is a big part of his global following.

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